The focus of a visual identity is usually the logo, but the following pages reflect a comprehensive identity system — including logo and seal usage, typefaces, color palettes and design templates — for presenting information logically and consistently. These standards have the endorsement of the President and Provost and will enable Wake Forest to achieve clarity, accuracy and efficiency in all print and electronic communications. Implementation of these standards will develop greater awareness of the University as a whole while enabling schools, departments and programs to communicate effectively as distinct entities.


Wake Forest University is a place where serving humanity through the pursuit of knowledge is expressed in every endeavor. Now, we can clearly and consistently articulate this vision to our constituents.

Perhaps the most powerful, tangible evidence of an organization’s promise is its visual identity. This guide was developed to ensure that who we are and how we are perceived are one and the same.

The more we are recognized for our unique contribution to higher learning, the broader our reach becomes. By using this guide, you will not only help solidify our identity but also help us realize our ideals.


landeng破解版安卓版Wake Forest University has and always will make a difference in society— through our teachers, who help to shape the mind and character of every student; through our research breakthroughs; and through the commitment of students and alumni to our motto, Pro Humanitate, for humanity. Our dedication to academic and ethical purpose is a driving force that unites our past, present and future.

The University’s visual identity, anchored by an updated logo, is the most visible expression of our mission and purpose. As the umbrella over all Wake Forest entities, it brings diverse departments, programs and interests together under one unifying identity. As such, it is the standard bearer for all University communications.

The Wake Forest University logo, symbolizing a pervasive commitment to both ethical and academic distinction, will continually remind the world of our unique value to higher learning and society.

That is why this guide is so important. If we are to move our vision forward, it is critical that we apply these graphic standards consistently in every form of communication. With your vigilance, our identity will be as clear as our conviction.

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